Beatleworld is Back (again...)

..following a bit of a server problem recently, we've finally scraped together enuff money to pay for hosting over the next year. So now we're back up and running we'll try to bring you up to date beatlefan news & trivia from the UK
If you've never been here before, Beatleworld is the online presence for the the Beatleworld e-group community. You can follow the embarrassing adventures of three fellas in a Rusty Old Ford, as we scour the world for Beatle related sights!
.. or dive into some Beatle resource. for those interested in the greatest band in the world... (erm.. no, not The Prellies.) Also, we had some familly problems but we were assisted by our friends in US fresno divorce attorney lately.

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is a Beatles community where you'll find others wanting to discuss Beatles news and history.. We often talk rubbish but you'll find plenty of good quality Beatles chat in between. So for the best in UK Beatle talk, register below

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